Perhaps no greater transformative change has occurred in workplace communications than with the advent and use of social media. The burden falls to employers to stay informed and up-to-date on current trends regarding social media issues for their businesses and their employees. 

These topics and other significant key risks and trends are discussed in an interview with PLDO Partner Brian Lamoreaux, who is a national authority on social media and the law, and legal editor and podcast host David B. Weisenfeld.  

Attorney Lamoureux’s informative podcast interview features his commentary and examples of emerging case law on the most significant social media issues affecting employers today. He discusses the National Labor Relations Board’s enforcement efforts against employer social media policies that could chill the ability of employees to discuss their working conditions, the increase use of social media as a recruiting tool, new social media privacy protections for employees, and the use of smart phones to record audio or video in the workplace. Mr. Lamoureux also comments on the dangers for employers if their social media policies do not keep up with changes in technology. We welcome your comments and questions. 

Source: Key Social Media Issues Affecting the Workplace