Health care and health insurance are evolving and becoming increasingly more fragmented because of the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Prior to the ACA, a majority of U.S. citizens maintained primary health insurance coverage either directly or through the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Today, the landscape has changed.

Reforms that have been initiated are not simple and will impact business owners, the insurance industry, and health care systems for many years. Understanding the complexities in this changing environment is necessary to make informed decisions.  

Gary Pannone, PLDO Managing Partner, has prepared a white paper, entitled Health Care in Not a Simple Matter that helps clarify the current state of health care and summarizes the ACA and reform initiatives impacting the insurance and health system today. For further information, contact Attorney Pannone at 401-824-5100. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

Source: Health Care in Not a Simple Matter