The shift in the health care industry toward greater efficiency and a higher level of quality of care is resulting in technological innovation. The popularity of the practice of medicine via mobile and wireless devices is on the rise and telemedicine is leading the way. This type of Mobile Health or “mHealth” uses technology to deliver remote clinical care and exchange medical information from one site to another via e-communications and video conferencing for patient consultations. Telemedicine also allows for the transmission of still images between providers (known as “store-and-forward”), and remote monitoring of patient conditions and vital signs, among other things. The challenge for telemedicine is that the innovation is outpacing the regulatory environment in many respects.

In a comprehensive white paper entitled Telemedicine in the Health Care Industry, PLDO health care attorney Jillian N. Jagling and Managing Partner and business attorney Gary R. Pannone describe the opportunities and challenges of telemedicine and explain recent developments in the use of technology in the health care industry.

Learn more by listening to a podcast interview with Attorney Jagling by clicking Maximizing Telemedicine by Providers: Services, Compliance and Opportunities. For more information about this topic, or about health care reform and how it affects your business or health care organization, please contact Attorneys Pannone or Jagling at or , or call . We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

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