Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara Attorney Joel K. Goloskie Publishes an Advisory on the Emergence of Medical Franchising Models in Health Care

Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC (PLDO) business and health care attorney, Joel K. Goloskie, released an advisory on the re-engineering of traditional physician business models to medical franchising structures. Medical Franchising: A Practice Model for the Millenniumexplores several innovative franchising models being employed by a growing number of physicians who are reporting dissatisfaction with having to deal with an overabundance of regulatory mandates, billing requirements, less time with patients and shrinking reimbursements. Attorney Goloskie explains such models as the “store within a practice” and addresses why medical franchising is poised for growth.

“Practitioner satisfaction has hit a low-point, and many physicians are finding that employment by a large group practice has not provided the hoped-for solution,” said Attorney Goloskie. “By contrast, medical franchising has allowed a growing number of practitioners to regain control of their professional lives, re-bond with patients, and rediscover the joy of practicing medicine. However, early-movers are advised to proceed with caution. This advisory is offered to provide information about how medical franchising business models are structured and the various structures that have emerged.”

Attorney Goloskie has extensive experience in the legal and business areas of the health care industry. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was the founder of a highly successful health care consulting firm, which provided reimbursement, compliance and strategic advisory services to over sixty hospitals

in fifteen states. Attorney Goloskie’s unique combination of knowledge and skill provides clients with a deep range of experience to help them solve complex legal, health care and business matters. He has represented clients in matters ranging from regulatory and HIPAA compliance to regulatory filings and approvals, contract drafting and management, and mergers and acquisitions. He has assisted health care clients as they dealt with deferred prosecution agreements, and has represented clients in both civil and criminal matters in federal court.

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