Entrepreneurs are energized with the idea of creating a new business. Those who take the plunge cite the flexibility of time, being their own boss, and having a greater sense of accomplishment as the top three reasons for making the career choice, according to a recent Gallup poll of small business owners. The sense of self-satisfaction for small business owners is so great that eight out of 10 respondents to the survey reported that if they had a chance to do it again, they would. However, the challenges associated with starting a new venture are not for everyone. The key is to prepare for the journey by following several important steps.

One important step in the process is to have a well-defined plan, as well as the right organizational structure. It is also helpful to seek out mentors and other professionals to learn from, exchange ideas and share information. In a video interview with business attorney Kas DeCarvalho, you’ll learn the steps entrepreneurs should consider when forming a business and how a well-formulated strategy will help lead to success. “Then, go follow your dream,” says Attorney DeCarvalho, who can be reached for more information on entrepreneurship by calling or emailing him at .

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