Managing Impacts of the Coronavirus in the Construction Industry

Industry SpotlightThe coronavirus pandemic has impacted every industry and will continue to drain resources until the crisis ends or we find a cure. Thousands of businesses have been required to shut down during the past eight months and are slow to reopen. However, there were several industries deemed “essential” by government officials that have remained open and avoided a significant portion of the impact…… READ MORE

Owning a Construction Company

Industry SpotlightAlthough the main concern of the owner of a construction company is to secure the next job and create a comfortable backlog, in today’s marketplace, owners are confronted with multiple issues that require proactive attention to remain successful….. READ MORE


Challenges in the Construction Industry

Industry ChallengesThe barriers to entry in the construction business are relatively low, which has created a crowded marketplace. The more competition that exists, the more difficult it becomes to sustain strong margins that can often result in less available resources to reinvest in new technology – a critical factor to long-term sustainability…… READ MORE

Technology – A Key Factor Driving Success in the Construction Industry

Construction TechnologyIn addition to delivering legal advice, our lawyers are routinely asked by clients to provide insight relating to business/legal decisions. In the context of solving a legal issue, it is often necessary to understand the business challenges faced by the client……..READ MORE


Artificial Intelligence – What The Developing Landscape Means For Your Business

Industry Spotlight

The Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) industry is rapidly emerging as one of the most interesting new advancements likely to impact a broad array of industries. AI is well beyond the nascent stages of development, and is quickly taking center stage as a gateway profit maximizer for forward-thinking business leaders. In short, AI has arrived…… READ MORE




Municipal Barriers to Cannabis Enterprises

More than 15 years after establishing its medical marijuana program and, following years of on-and-off momentum, Rhode Island has become the 19th state to legalize recreational marijuana.On May 25, 2022, the Governor signed into law a bill that not only allows adults over 21 to… READ MORE


Inside Business – Powered Up for Success

Inside Business – Business Formation 101

business formation 101

Congratulations! You are about to enter into a new business and the business plan has been completed. Now it is time to make your dream a reality; however…… READ MORE

Inside Business – Governance of Corporate Entities


Who is going to run your business and how are they going to do it? It may seem obvious—you are going to run your business. In reality, the various forms of governance structures offer different benefits…… READ MORE

Inside Business – Corporate Structure and Tax Primer

tax primer

As a general proposition, the differences in tax treatment and tax classifications relating to the type of entity chosen for corporate structure are not significant. How the entity will be taxed is dependent upon whether it is a pass through or…… READ MORE

Inside Business – Attracting Investors

attracting investors

“It takes money to make money.” This might be a cliché, but your business is going to need some startup capital to pay the bills before you start to see financial returns. Loans, selling equity, and issuing convertible notes are the most common…… READ MORE

Inside Business – Working Space

working space

Perhaps your business has employees that need a place to work or perhaps you are ready to meet clients without having to worry about them seeing your dirty dishes in the sink at your home office. Either way, any…… READ MORE

Inside Business – Small Business Data Concerns

data concerns

Now, more than ever, data is likely a valuable commodity for your business. Customer data is crucial not only for marketing but also can help tailor your products to your customers. Data analytics tools can…… READ MORE