Special Masterships

Extensive Experience In Special Masterships

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The attorneys at Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC have unique experience in the area of special masterships. Our attorneys practicing in this area are nationally recognized for their ability to conduct in-depth monitoring on-site and report back to federal courts.

Special Masterships In Prison Monitoring

Our lawyers have considerable experience in monitoring and evaluating prison systems and youth detention centers in a number of states, including California, New York, Texas, Georgia and Rhode Island.

Our team consists of a professional staff of lawyers, nurses, psychologists, a former Deputy Special Master for the United States District Court in Georgia and Texas, a former senior counsel with the National Prison Project of the American Civil Liberties Union and a former deputy special master of the Office of Compliance Consultants overseeing activities at Rikers Island jail complex in New York.

Currently, our firm is monitoring the provision of mental health care to more than 30,000 of the 170,000 incarcerated in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

A Reputation For Excellence

Federal courts choose a law firm to serve as a special master based on their estimation of the firm’s management and analysis skills, diligence and integrity. The high skill levels, attention to detail and high ethical standards practiced by our lawyers have positioned our firm as a leader in this complex and challenging field of law.

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