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social-digital media law

Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC helps clients better understand and manage compliance, policy and legal issues in the social and digital media space. Whether it is helping to write a customized personnel policy for using social media in the workplace, conducting a social and digital media best practices workshop, or litigating a matter, our attorneys assist public and private sector organizations mitigate risk and resolve legal issues surrounding digital communications in a multi-platform world.

Strategic Workplace Policy Lawyers

At PLDO, we keep abreast of social and digital media trends, regulations, laws and court cases to counsel employers on how best to maintain privacy rights and avoid potential risk to organizational success. Our social and digital media law, business and employment attorneys help business owners stay informed about the constantly evolving legal and regulatory landscape of the digital media environment. Our approach is comprehensive when advising employers on the use of social media in the workplace and we are proactive in keeping clients informed when new information, regulations or changes in the law occur.

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