Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers have until April 1, 2017 to have all their plants tagged in accordance with the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulations’ (DBR) Medical Marijuana Program – Final Rules and Regulations that became effective on January 1, 2017. The law requires all medical marijuana patients and caregivers who elect to grow medical marijuana to purchase plant tags for each plant that they grow from the DBR.

Tag fees are $25.00 per tag set and are available for purchase online through the DBR website at For immediate access to the forms, log onto the Caregiver Tag Order Form or for medical marijuana patient forms, log onto Patient Tag Order Form. Patients or caregivers who receives a reduced program registration fee under Rhode Island’s Department of Health Regulations are not required to pay the $25.00 tag fee. More information about the “Medical Marijuana Plant Tag Program” can be found on pages 72-81 of the DBR’s Medical Marijuana Program – Final Rules and Regulations.

PLDO will continue to report on important deadlines and further developments in this area of the law. If you need assistance in completing the forms or are interested in learning more about the cannabis industry, or obtaining or completing the license application to become a cannabis cultivators in Rhode Island, please contact business attorney Benjamin L. Rackliffe, who is highly experienced in cannabis industry law, at or email We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.