PLDO Attorney Joel K. Goloskie Creates Rhode Island’s First Medical Franchising Business Model – Structure Has National Application

Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC (PLDO) business and health care attorney Joel K. Goloskie has paved the way for medical franchising in Rhode Island by developing and securing regulatory approval for the state’s first medical franchise business model. This model was designed to maximize compliance with other states’ laws and will have national implications.

Due to the perfect storm of rising costs of health care, increased regulatory mandates, shrinking reimbursements and the inability to spend time with their patients, physicians are fast becoming disenchanted with the typical health care model and are searching for alternative delivery systems that are more efficient, affordable and produce quality results. Medical franchising has emerged as the next-generation distribution model that promotes a better patient-practitioner relationship, streamlines operations and reduces costs.

On behalf of a health care client of the firm, Attorney Goloskie developed a framework that is in compliance with state and federal franchise regulations, which has received approval from the Rhode Island Department of Health and will serve as a platform for future franchisees. As a result of this work, the client now has the legal right to offer franchises with respect to a wide range of physician-supervised weight management programs, bio-identical hormone replacement, food, vitamin and supplement therapy, aesthetic rejuvenations, intravenous drips, and other support systems in a cutting-edge methodology.

“Franchising in the health care industry is complex and highly regulated,” said Gary R. Pannone, PLDO’s Managing Principal. “Joel’s innovative legal work has created a structure that satisfies the regulators and delivers to the client the opportunity to pursue franchisees who are like-minded, while at the same time establishes a model for future applicants who are interested in capitalizing on this cutting-edge distribution and delivery system.”

To learn more about medical franchising, read Attorney Goloskie’s recently released advisory entitled Medical Franchising: A Practice Model for the Millennium, which explores several innovative franchising modelsbeing employed by a growing number of physicians and addresses why medical franchising is poised for growth.

Attorney Goloskie has extensive legal and business experience in the area of health care. Prior to becoming an attorney, he founded a highly successful health care consulting firm, which consulting services for providers in the areas of reimbursement, compliance and strategy for more than sixty hospitals in fifteen states. Attorney Goloskie’s unique combination of knowledge and skill provides clients with a deep range of experience to navigate complex legal, health care and business issues. He has served as Deputy Counsel to a health care network and represented clients in matters from compliance and HIPAA privacy matters to regulatory filings and approvals, contract drafting and management, acquisitions as well as dealing with civil and criminal fraud matters.
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